Baca wins Masterplanning award at The Waterways Renaissance Awards

Vision Event, London 2-3 June 2015 – Amphibious And Flood-Resilient Homes Workshop

Last night Baca were presented the award for ‘Masterplanning and Strategy’ at the Water Renaissance Awards. The prize was given for work on the Liverpool Waterspace Strategy. Baca director Richard Coutts proudly received the award on behalf of the practice.


Covering an area of 50 hectares including 37 hectares of water, the site consists of 10 docks, seven of which are within a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Strategy suggests three distinct zones: a culture zone for events; a mixed-use zone with a floating water park with canoes, pedals and boats; and a leisure & aquatic zone, with new bridges and moorings. Developed over two years through extensive stakeholder consultation, it is the first of its kind to be adapted by a city council.












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