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Vision Event, London 2-3 June 2015 – Amphibious And Flood-Resilient Homes Workshop


Green Sky Thinking Event 2014


Baca Architects has developed a speciality in water-related design and are leaders in flood-resilient architecture and masterplanning. Drawing on their award-winning research – the LifE project – Baca will present their Amphibious house (currently under construction and the first of its kind in the UK), Aquobox (a demonstration flood-resilient building for the BRE Innovation Park) and the MIPIM 2014 award-winning island development, Nijmegen (€ 365m Dutch Room for the River Project).


Baca have recently completed a chapter on flooding for the forthcoming Metric Handbook. Baca will also convey their vision for tackling future climate issues, from individual buildings to whole climate-adaptive cities.


If you would like to attend this event, please contact Amy Dron at adron@baca.uk.com


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