Commissioner's Place

Bound by Chalk cliffs and the Medway river the new residential development at Commissioner’s Place, Strood, Kent will provide 130 units with the emphasis on family homes and community.


Surrounded by public open space the development will infill a disused and abandoned quarry site to create a harmonious new residential community that will help to form connections between existing developments and sports facilities. The development slopes gently up from the river affording residents views of the Medway. A central ‘green street’ of trees, planted swales and landscaped gardens forms the community centre providing places to sit and play and creating a calm and tranquil focus to the new village.


The first public consultation event was held last week and introduced the initial proposals for Commissioner’s Place to Medway councillors and local residents. The pros and cons were openly discussed and suggestions were collected at the end of the event to incorporate into the proposals.







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