Shipston Road Complete – New Flood Resilient Market Homes

Construction is complete for our latest residential project which is compromised of 11 high-quality homes located within a flood plain, designated by the Environment Agency (EA), as Flood Zones 2 and 3. Flood zone 3 means it has a greater than 1% annual probability of flooding. The development is set to become the first of its kind in the UK has helped to establish new flood mitigation measures with the EA.


Housing developer Holloway Properties commented:

“We approached Baca Architects to help us unlock a brownfield site that was at flood risk on the main road into Stratford upon Avon. Several developers before us had tried and failed and we thought that with Baca’s expertise they could help us find a solution. Now built it has exceeded our expectations and is attracted a 10-15% above the market value”.


A gently ramped road provides access from the middle of the site to the raised levels of the houses and an elevated pedestrian and cycle path to the west, provide a through-route across the site which acts as a safe haven during  flood events. The houses are built on raised piles with a floodable zone below which is guarded from debris by louvered screens. The green space remaining is landscaped, rain gardens and swales help to retain and control water run-off.


View the project page here: Flood Resilient Homes


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