Ashwicken Lake - Public consultation event

Following the initial public consultation online due to Covid restrictions, we are able to undertake (scheduled) face-to-face consultation at the Parish Council Hall. As a consequence of feedback from the initial events, postal forms and further survey work the masterplan has changed.  


The proposed staycation retreat no longer incorporates lodges along its southern boundary. Instead introduces the ‘Water Lily’ - a a floating island of 40-flatted units located in the southeast corner of Ashwicken Lake. Inspired by the water lily or lotus plant whose big leaves float on the water’s surface to attract ample sunlight for photosynthesis, Baca adopts this shape to evoke serenity amongst its visitors and synthesise human wellbeing.


Contrasting with the quieter setting of the private lodges, the Water Lily’s iconic form provides a large amount of space between the leaves, creating a generous sunbathing terrace ideal for families seeking a replacement to an international pool-side holiday destination. This composition ensures all apartments have a clear view out on to the lake and the clustered nature of the design works to create an intimate courtyard at the centre for an ample, yet communal environment.


“The Water Lily is a both architecture and a living sculpture. Imagine holidaying here? – it would be so refreshing, pure escapism and unlike anything else the UK has to offer. It’s been an absolute joy to work on and wonderful that the Client helped has been involved at every step of the projects evolution” Baca director, Richard Coutts




The approach to the resort will take guests through a landscaped sequence from their moment of arrival, where they’ll leave their car behind in a park graced with rain gardens.


Here, their experience of connection with nature, ecological diversity and wellbeing begins. A stroll through swales leads to a land bridge which connects lakeside with the clubhouse. This is the UK’s first clubhouse on water, which sits at the heart of the resort. Distinctively designed, this exceptional building will comprise a spa, café/restaurant, and lakeside pool facilities as well as alfresco waterside dining. The clubhouse is encircled by 131 lodges, all located on or near the water’s edge, and each with a mooring. Our masterplan arranges the lodges in clusters, interspersed with new planting, trees, follies and water taxi jetties

to create areas of different character across the resort. Alongside the existing woodland are 23 treehouses, which will provide additional accommodation.


Water-based pursuits will include rowing, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) as well as opportunities for open water swimming. For those preferring to stay on land, tennis courts and areas for ball games and archery have also been designed into the landscape along with a climbing wall and children’s play area.



The full plans application is scheduled for submission in January 2021.

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