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Above and below the waves

Aquatecture, analyses the importance of flood resilience & planning in a 320 page book which focuses on how future buildings and cities can be designed to deal with ever increasing flood risks; which come with the effects of climate change.​

Amphibious House is the UK's first of it's kind. It is a flood resilient house which sits on the banks of the River Thames and floats with the rising tide.

New York flood resilient Pier development. A carbon-neutral development in the Manhattan area, reactivates an otherwise unused key part of prime NYC real-estate.

Tyram Lakes, luxurious leisure resort hotel & spa. Floating villas, lodges and eco-resort. Flood resilient design for lakes.

Clover Lake, luxury leisure resort floating lodges, villas, houses. Flood resilient lifestyle in fight against climate change. Lakeside restaurant.

Fowlescombe Farm Estate, a luxury countryside development. Eco-house and sustainable renovation with water features and landscape.

Commonwealth War Memorial, large memorial in Dover. Tranquil landscape development, frames views to sea in rememberance.

Seaside underwater hotel in Hobart, Australia. Luxury 5-star, flood-resilient and eco-friendly leisure development.

Biku Treehouses, tropical eco-resort found in the Caribbean on Panama Island. Luxury treehouse retreats, a unique leisure experience.

River View, Passivhaus design proposed on a site near River Trent, located on the green belt.

Watervilla, located on the water's edge, this luxury villa gets the best out of the lake.

Serenity House, a luxury countryside eco-house with waterfall screen and sculptural roof form.

Kingsground, a luxury countryside Paragraph 79 House in Hertfordshire.

Water Lane, a bespoke luxury house elevated above flood level.

World Flood Handbook, for future eco-design.

LifE Project, making space for water with zero carbon development.

Venture Extreme, an extreme sports leisure resort offering a variety of activities on water.

Knokke, a waterside mixed-use masterplan development in Belgium.

Flood-Proof Student Accommodation near London Olympic Park.

Memorials, baca have completed a number of memorial projects. Each baca memorial project, in some way, has a strong connection to water and views to the sea.

Sherwood Lodge, a contemporary house in a mature Nottinghamshire woodland setting.

Robin Hood-esque!

Liverpool Docks, Baca were approached by British Waterways to develop the UK’s first waterspace planning framework for Liverpool Docks, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Henley Island, baca have designed a luxury, 7-bedroom, flood-resilient house which sits on it's own island on the River Thames. 

Seapoint, a cliff-side house sitting on the UK coast boasts panoramic views out to the sea.

Dover Waterfront masterplan, proposes a coastal regeneration in effort to reactivate the local waterfront area with flood-resilient architecture principles aimed at living with the effects of climate change.

We deliver architecture and construction services for projects on, near or under water.​

Zac Seine Masterplan, an exciting proposal for a site at risk of flooding along the river just outside of central Paris. Mixed-use urban planning.

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