Award Winning

Baca are an international award-winning waterfront Architects and Master Planners. Baca has a proven record of delivering ambitious plans on sensitive heritage locations including UNESCO World Heritage sites. Baca has expertise in working with Local Authorities, planning departments and institutional investors to increase chances of deliverability and extensive experience of engagement, consultation and managing priorities of wide ranging stakeholders. Baca also has a strong ability to consider and really understand how a phased master plan can evolve.

Masterplanning Services

Advanced Strategy
Urban Environment
Climate Change

Public Realm
Signature Buildings


Baca specialise in waterfront masterplanning and architecture. With a particular niche in flood mitigation through an integrated planning and design approach. We are concerned with how spaces and buildings come together to create unique places. Baca identify key constraints considering proposals in relation to history, culture and landscape.

Providing services and transport to define activity edges and locations for gateway buildings. Our process is top down and bottom up and relies on the engagement of local people and users in defining the process of change. The process to an optimum solution is rewarding and may not necessarily lead to the most obvious result.

Signature Design

Successful signature buildings are carefully sited to connect into their location. Providing careful consideration of the proposal within the masterplan to respond to gateways activity edges and connect into major community nodes and transport. The quality of our surrounding buildings has a direct influence on the quality of our lives and signature buildings play a crucial role in creating successful destinations. Flexible architecture allows schemes to adapt to the future.

Outline Planning

Baca bring innovation in identifying ways to achieve a client’s objectives. Baca apply rigour to the assessment of options and identification of the preferred design. Baca have an integrated planning and design approach to tackle complex site issues such as flood-risk, multiple landowners and phasing. Baca strive for the inclusion of all stakeholders in the process to ensure knowledge is shared across the project team and wider community. Our open engagement with planners from an early stage in the process brings officers into the decision making process and allows councils to be involved in the decisions that will shape their future community.

Flood Mitigation

Baca have a clear framework to approach flood mitigation adopting an integrated planning and design approach to tackle flood-risk. The unique methodology developed through Baca’s 13 years of flood mitigation research combines flood resilient development with sustainable infrastructure and embraces water and nature at its heat not relying on flood defenses. Solutions seek to manage flooding and use this as the design catalyst to create unique new neighbourhoods at the same time as managing the treat from flooding. Such developments include our unique Aquatecture architecture, and ‘bluespace’ and green space.

Places for People

Understanding our Client’s goals is at the heart of our business. We work closely with our clients every step of the way to meet their objectives and deliver the right solution.

We believe close engagement with stakeholders, local people and end users creates better end products and helps to builds support for schemes from the outset. Purposeful engagement helps to evolve the design and local insights develop a project’s sense of identity and harmony with its context. This approach has contributed to our 100% planning record.